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NOTE: We only accept new artists pre-season each year. The jury process for 2019 has ended. However, if you are still interested read the following and fill out the form below.


Thank you for your interest in joining us.  We are a group of Maine craftspeople and artists who have come together to offer high quality, Made in Maine items to the public at our shop. Gathering as a co-operative allows each of us to have access to a retail location as well as group advertising, credit card processing, packaging and sales staff representing our products that as individuals, we may not be able to achieve on our own.

SWH Application for membership 2022 [CLICK ME]

We offer four levels of Membership:

FULL MEMBER: You are automatically considered a member of the Board of Directors, with one vote per member.  As a Full Member, you agree to:

–  Pay a one-time $200 non-refundable membership fee

–  Attend meetings (approx 3 per year) where we jury in new members & consignors, vote on policies, co-op decisions and clean the store.

–  Pay an annual space fee.  The current rate is $600 for a eight-foot liner space.  Space fees should be paid up front.   If this is not possible, please inquire about options to have some fees deducted from your sales throughout the season.

–  Work days in the store.  The number of days vary,  but are divided between the number of members and 3 day consignors and divided by the number of days we are open for the season.

–   Allow the store to take 15% of your sales to cover store expenses.  (If store expenses are less than 15%, you will receive a refund check in January or February for the difference. )

–  Allow a one time “Operation Loan” ($200) to be taken from the December sales to be put into an account for off season expenses for the store. The loan is returnable upon your departure from the co-op.  (See Policy Sheet for more explanation).

40% CONSIGNOR: This level of membership has no requirement to work in the store.  Your items will be placed for display at the discretion of members.   The co-op retains 40% of your sales.

WORKING CONSIGNOR: This requires 35% of your sales.  In addition, you agree to work 3 days during the season.  You will be required to train for a day, which will not count as one of your work days.

To ensure the quality of products sold at Maine Artisans, all items must juried into the store (voted on & approved by co-op members).  If you are interested in becoming a member or consignor, please fill out the form below to be considered for admission into the Co-op. You need not be present for jurying and may send samples.  Members will vote and you will be notified the next day after the meeting whether your work is accepted or not.  We are committed to maintaining the integrity of our shop by selling ONLY Made in Maine items.

You  may review our policy here.

SWH Application 2022 [CLICK ME]

For additional  information please contact our Jury committee at

You must be a resident of Maine to join us.
Let us know what kind of membership you're interested in. Chick 'I'm not sure' if you don't know.
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